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Care and Wellbeing Zedelgem

Location Zedelgem, Belgium
Timeline 2012 - 2016

design and realisation of a care campus


The Klaverveld care campus combines 130 nursing beds with 00 senior apartments and a Social House. The care programme is spread across several smaller volumes, which are grouped around the nursing home. The result is a care campus with great accessibility and a lot of inviting open space for the surrounding residential area. The underground car park limits the amount of motorized traffic on the campus.

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193 beds


The separate volumes of the senior apartments and nursing home create a diversity in space and atmosphere, within a public park.

Senior zedelgem zorgenwelzijn 2 web

VK won this architecture competition for a care campus with senior apartments and a nursing home, with a design that pays much attention to greenery, viewing angles and accessibility. The various volumes of the senior apartments and nursing home create a diversity in space and atmosphere, in a public park. An underground car park with 105 places keeps the terrain car-free.

The volumes for senior apartments are located at the edge of the campus, partly looking onto the street, partly onto the park. Breaks between the volumes bring transparency and accessibility. At the same time, the separate entities create a small-scale impression. With deep-set windows, the building's skin functions as solar protection. Of the 48 senior apartments, the last volume can be connected to the nursing home, for seniors needing some care.

The nursing home consists of 3 care floors. Besides a nursing post, each unit has a living space, care room, bathroom, linen room, storage ... The living communities function per 15 beds and also house smaller sitting areas. These resting places stimulate social contact, bring light and air into the home and provide contact towards the outside.

The ground floor of the senior home houses mainly communal services, a day care center with separate entrance and a short stay center.

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