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Care campus Alveringem

Location Alveringem, Belgium
Timeline 2014 - 2020

expansion nursing home with 12 senior apartments, 8 senior homes and a group living home for 8 inhabitants


WZC Alveringem becomes a continuing-care retirement community, by significantly expanding its care offer. In addition to the residential care centre, the new additions include senior houses, assisted living apartments and a group senior home. VK had previously designed the nursing home and with the expansion ensured a harmonious whole. Due to its central location in the village, there is also a strong emphasis on interaction with the surrounding community.

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  • OCMW Alveringem
  • VK
12 senior apartments
8 beds
8 senior houses


The new buildings are fully focused on comfortable, sustainable and long term living.

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Residential care centre 't Hoge in Alveringem opened its new doors at the end of 2013. The desire to expand the range of care on offer soon grew, becoming a continuing-care retirement community. Following up on the newly built nursing home, VK realised a design with 12 assisted living apartments, 8 senior houses and a group home for 8 seniors. These will be in use by the end of 2019.

Comfortable and sustainable living

The new buildings are fully focused on comfortable, sustainable and long term living. In the 8 senior houses, a clear distinction was made between day and night. The day room is fully oriented towards the south-facing, communal garden while the bedroom opens onto the street. These two functions are separated from each other by the bathroom and storage room, which are centrally located in the house. For the interior design, many masonry walls were used to clearly distinguish the different rooms from each other. But also natural, light and warm materials were chosen to allow the residents to decorate the house according to their own taste.

The 12 assisted living apartments are located in a beautiful complex with the appearance of a residential apartment building. The ensemble consists of 2 floors, each with 6 identical apartments that have been furnished with sustainable materials. The main focus in these apartments is on ergonomics, with the aim of making it as comfortable as possible for the residents, who need professional help.

Finally, there is the group home for 8 senior citizens. This low volume with sloping roof is the connecting link between the nursing home and the assistance living apartments. The choice was made for an adaptable, flexible building structure in function of changing care needs and trends. The whole building accommodates two clusters, each with four rooms. A transparent garden room, linking to the nursing home, is a beautiful reflection of the open structure throughout the senior care campus.

Architectural unity

An extension of an existing building always requires a harmonious appearance of the whole. This was met in the window proportions on the one hand, but also in the use of materials. For example, the assisted living apartments were built in the same brick as the nursing home. A slightly warmer colour palette was chosen for the group house and the senior houses, fitting in perfectly with the dark colour of the other buildings.

Maximum integration in the village centre

When the nursing home was designed years back, the management had selected a very central location in the village of Alveringem, within walking distance of the village square. Consequently, the site around the current nursing home was the perfect setting for the extension, achieving maximum integration in the municipality. The positioning of the new buildings contributed to this. All new buildings are located in the periphery of the site, linked to the care campus on the one hand as well as to a residential area or street on the other hand.

However, the ultimate link with the village centre and the rest of the municipality is the green oasis. A beautiful rural setting around the site, through which a cycle and pedestrian route runs, with easy access to any point in the village. A new secluded garden was also created between the existing nursing home and the new buildings. It was laid out as a beautiful experience garden with a small field for jeu de boules, elevated vegetable gardens, a conservatory, cosy benches and colourful flowerbeds.

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