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Cité Vandeuren

Location Brussels, Belgium
Timeline 2015 - 2018

renovation and transformation of social housing project


A block of the Cité Vandeuren, dating from the inter-war period, has been completely renovated. 122 social housing units, vacant because of their poor condition, were converted into studios, apartments with 1 to 4 bedrooms and apartments for people with reduced mobility. The difficulty of this project lay in maintaining the existing facades and improving the thermal quality. The architectural ensemble is perfectly integrated into the urban setting.

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  • Foyer Ixellois
  • MDW Architecture
16200 m²


The biggest difficulty of the renovation consisted in conserving the front facades, that are considered as important heritage.

Cité Vandeuren, dating from the interbellum period and counting 121 housing units, underwent a heavy renovation on behalf of Foyer Ixellois. VK took care of the structural engineering of this project, a design by MDW Architecture.

The former units were uninhabited because of the poor general condition of the blocks. The accommodations were transformed to studio’s and 1 to 4 room apartments for people with limited mobility. Architecturally, the end result aimed to attune to the urban fabric and to integrate in the local surroundings.

Foremost, the project wanted the reevaluate the social housing units, to meet present standards of comfort. It also wanted to diversify housing and revitalize the courtyard by means of short-cuts, private gardens, terraces and communal spaces. The units also meet low energy-requirements.

The biggest difficulty of the renovation consisted in conserving the front facades, that are considered as important heritage. So the facades along the surrounding streets were insulated on the interior. The existing floors were replaced by beam and pot floor slabs. The existing lintel beams and the interior masonry were also replaced.

Much attention was paid to sustainability and eco-realisation. The extensions and rear facades were constructed with elements in FSC-wood. These timber cassettes are prefabricated, which considerably reduces construction time and cost. The cassettes are insulated with cellulose flakes. The flat roofs in EPDM rubber were planted with sedum. Blind walls are used as vertical gardens.

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