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Location Ghent, Belgium
Timeline 2015 - 2020

engineering of new silo's as the extension of a existing silo park


VK's client-relationship with Euro-Silo dates back to the 1970s. The characteristic silo wall in the port of Ghent was designed by VK. Today, Euro-Silo is once again expanding. VK designed 16 vertical silos of 40 metres high. The challenge consisted in designing thin silo walls, with differential deformation of the conveyor belts on top of the silos, especially in view of the different filling of the silos.

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  • Euro-Silo
  • VK
16 silos
112000 tons


VK has been the engineering consultant for Euro-Silo since the 1970s.

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Euro-Silo is a distribution centre for grain and derivatives in the port of Ghent, in the vicinity of a large number of grain processing companies.

Today, Euro-Silo has a total capacity of 650,000 mt, with the possibility to serve several ships simultaneously at the 1.2 km long quay.

VK is currently working on an expansion of the existing site, in the form of 16 vertical grain silos of 7,000 tonnes each, 40 metres high and with an internal diameter of 18 metres.

VK has been the engineering consultant for Euro-Silo since the 1970s. In the past, VK has designed and engineered 29 vertical silos with a total storage capacity of 113,000 tonnes and 2 flat silos of 40,000 and 75,000 tonnes.

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