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European Parliament

Location Brussels, Belgium
Timeline 2001 - 2007

expansion of the European Parliament Buildings with office wings, walkway


The European Parliament in Brussels was enlarged with 2 large wings for offices, conference rooms, catering and audio-visual services. The buildings share underground spaces, which run underneath a square and the listed Luxembourg station. To achieve this, the protected monument had to be undermined. The wings and the station are connected to the rest of Parliament by a circular footbridge above the Place du Luxembourg.

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80000 m²


By reinforcing the foundations of the former Luxembourg station, underground levels can reach all the way to the monument without sustaining any damage, and be integrated in the European site.

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The expansion of the European Union has necessitated the expansion of the European Parliament building. The new office wings, D4 and D5, provide the extra space required. The former Luxemburg Station, a listed monument, is flanked by the new wings and incorporated into the existing site. The entire site is connected by an elevated walkway suspended over the Luxemburgplein.

The new wings each contain 8 levels and were built according to the principles of non-progressive collapse – the failure of one part of the structure will not trigger the collapse of the remaining structure. D4 houses office space, parking and a polyvalent room. D5 houses a restaurant and bar, technical rooms, 5 conference rooms with interpreter cabins, and audio-visual services. The AV rooms contain, amongst other things, a television studio, and several radio station studios. The 2 wings have adjoining underground levels which reach all the way to the Luxemburg Station. By reinforcing the foundations, the monument was united to form one whole site, without sustaining any damage.

The elevated circular walkway has a diameter of 60 meters, weighs 280 metric tons, and rests upon 8 columns. The facades and floors work with the beams and lattice work to carry the load through to the columns. The bridge is covered with glass panels and woven metal sheets, offering those travelling over the walkways a measure of privacy as well as protection from the sun’s rays.

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