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Khalifa International Stadium and Museum

Location Doha, Qatar
Timeline 2015 - 2017

noise radiation, noise insulation, room acoustics


For the 2022 Football World Cup, Qatar has the necessary construction work carried out. The existing Doha Khalifa stadium has been renovated and expanded to 48,000 seats, with the integration of an Olympic and sports museum. VK's acoustics engineers estimated, among other things, the wall and floor packages between the technical rooms with extensive installations for the thermal comfort of athletes and visitors, and the adjoining rooms.

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  • JV Midmac
  • Six Construct
  • DAR Group
48000 places


The Khalifa Stadium and museum, the first stadium to be presented for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, had to be renovated and expanded for the World Cup. The scope of the project included the integration of the planned Olympic and Sports Museum and the expansion from 40,000 to 48,000 seats.

The thermal comfort criteria for public and athletes require extensive technical installations. In order to minimize any noise nuisance, VK was assigned to estimate the floor and wall packages between noise sensitive spaces on the one hand and between technical rooms and adjoining spaces on the other hand. VK also estimated mitigating measures for noise radiation, and absorbing elements for the interior.

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