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Mariatroon nursing home

Location Dendermonde, Belgium
Timeline 2008 - 2015

replacement of a senior care facility


This new replacement building had to be fitted into a dense urban fabric. The nursing home is part of a differentiated care campus, together with the senior apartments Ter Monde and the mental home Leilinde - also designed by VK Architects & Engineers. White cantilevered elements indicate the living spaces and playfully breach the façade surface.

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  • Brothers of Charity
  • VK
108 beds
7250 m²


An additional playful element is put forward by accentuating the living rooms in the facades through protruding volumes.

Senior dendermonde mariatroon 9 web

In the centre of the town of Dendermonde, a replacement construction gives the nursing home Throne of Mary a new impetus, and helps diversify the care offer. The completed care centre has 108 beds, including 5 places for people who suffer from Huntington's disease.

The care centre has an L-shaped plan, with a lower volume connected to it. The lower volume houses a polyvalent hall and cafeteria. The stairway and lifts have been integrated in the hinge of the 'L'.

The inhabitants' rooms are mainly situated in the long volume, grouped in 8 communities of 12 inhabitants each. Each community has its living room, with a sitting and dining area, and a kitchenette. The living rooms are not separated from the corridors - the corridor simply flows out into it. The walls and floor of each community also has a different color, in order to facilitate identification.

Between every 2 communities, the nursing functions are installed: nursing post, bath room, ... Each community also disposes of a polyvalent room for resting and a guest room. The highly acoustically insulated room for resting, with security camera, can be used temporarily for inhabitants who need intensive medical supervision, or who create disturbances - such as progressively growing demented persons. The guest room allows family to exchange thoughts undisturbedly, or to stay the night when the health of an inhabitant deteriorates.

The communal functions have been grouped around a large entrance hall, creating a lively square. The fully glazed facade links to the exterior and enhances the readability of the building. An additional playful element is put forward by accentuating the living rooms in the facades through protruding volumes.

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