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Location Roeselare, Belgium
Timeline 2006 - 2007

construction of production hall and offices


This global lighting equipment manufacturer installed its new headquarters along the busy E403. This visible location required a clear presence. A lighthouse with a video wall attracts the attention of passing traffic. In addition to the elongated production hall and the offices, the project includes a showroom that allows for all kinds of set-ups. Simple interventions also ensure an energy-efficient building.

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  • Modular Lighting Instruments
  • Coussée & Goris
40000 m²


The jewel in the crown is a lighting tower with measuring 20 metres in width, 30 metres in length and 18 metres in height.

Industry roeselare modular 5 web

Modular Lighting Instruments grew so rapidly that three years ago it needed to expand physically. On an industrial site of 2.2 ha alongside the E403 motorway, the company found the ideal location to build its new head office. The site was ideal because of the enormous opportunities it offered for visibility and publicity. The jewel in the crown is a lighting tower with measuring 20 metres in width, 30 metres in length and 18 metres in height. There is an impressive video wall consisting of 48 screens of 80 x 80 cm, forming one huge display used for publicity purposes along the motorway.

All facilities for the employees are integrated in the building: locker and changing rooms, showers, etc.

The building is a spectacular example of how to build economically and architecturally.

The energy concept was another key consideration at the outset of the project. But the interventions were fairly simple: closed facades on the south side, good insulation of the roof, walls and floors, efficient sun blinds, a daylight-controlled lighting system in the offices and an HVAC solution that draws in heated or cooled outdoor air, lets it circulate and discharges it again. In the production hall and showroom it was decided to use radiated heating, i.e. long pipe sections that via a gas-burning system ‘radiate’ heat to places where it is needed. This obviates the traditional problem of prolonged warming by means of floor heating or the warming of an entire high-ceilinged room. What’s more, it avoids an enormous waste of energy.

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