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N32 Roeselare

Location Roeselare, Belgium
Timeline 2018 - 2021

reconstruction of the N32 road in Roeselare, crossing 2 village centres


The busy N32 crosses the centres of Zilverberg and Beitem, including 2 schools. VK's design ensures a safer environment, with a clear distinction between urban and rural. Different solutions increase the readability of the public space for the different traffic flows, without ignoring the logistical importance of the traffic artery.

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VK also drew up a Less Disturbance plan.

The school environments of Zilverberg and Beitem are situated along the N32, a wide and busy road. The current layout is therefore characterised by a pronounced traffic profile. The road scene inside and outside the village centre also hardly differs from each other. As a result, a certain sense of insecurity currently prevails for vulnerable road users.

Clearly legible and accessible public space

The aim is to provide the school environments of Zilverberg and Beitem with a clearly readable and accessible public space, by rebuilding the N32 over a length of 3 km. At the same time, the logistical role of the N32 is recognised. VK's designers strive for an integrated concept with a higher quality of spatial experience and a much clearer image. Safe cycling infrastructure, wide footpaths, adapted road widths, equipped bus stops, green elements and adapted lighting.

Solutions for a variety of traffic flows

Bicycle connections are both functional and recreational, in addition to school routes. This requires improved cycling comfort along the N32 and safe crossings. Comfortable footpaths will be provided for pedestrians within the village centre. For public transport there will be fixed stops and ports of call outside the village centre. It is also the intention to work with speed regimes that are adapted to the spatial context and geared to the very diverse division between the subareas. For example, the school environments will be designed as dynamic 30 km/h zone. The design will ensure optimum natural crossing of the road, with facade-to-facade solutions, a unity in the use of materials, high-quality lighting, greenery and adapted street furniture.

Rainwater treatment

In addition to traffic, the sewerage system will also be addressed, with a focus on infiltrating and buffering the draining rainwater. This is done by reducing the paved surfaces through greening and drainage to green zones and tree sections. These ensure maximum infiltration at the surface.

VK also drew up a Less Disturbance plan. This involves all stakeholders in the project for the full duration, in a process of participation and communication.

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