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New South

Location Antwerp, Belgium
Timeline 2014 - 2028

new urban development for living, working, relaxing, learning and shopping


Antwerp Nieuw Zuid ('New South') is a new urban development on the river Scheldt. Approximately 2,000 residences will house over 5,000 inhabitants. 39 buildings, including 8 residential towers, will be completed by 2028. The residential area also includes 40,000 m² of local facilities (schools, sports hall, service centre ...), 70,000 m² of offices and 20,000 m² of community-based commercial functions (shops, catering ...). The site is landscaped with 12 hectares of park and neighbourhood greenery.

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2000 accommodations


Nieuw Zuid is to support making Antwerp climate-neutral by 2050.

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Presently, VK is in charge of sustainable design, structural engineering, M&E engineering and acoustical engineering of 12 projects, for most with a combination of services.

The developer is committed to high energy performance. The majority of the apartments will score better than the minimum criteria for passive construction. This ambition extends beyond the project site: Nieuw Zuid is to support making Antwerp climate-neutral by 2050.

Better than passive, and circular

Much attention has been paid to the full life cycle of building elements, considering environmental impact, flexibility, cost, and this for the entire life cycle of the project. For example, EPS and resol are used as main insulation materials for a low environmental impact.

Partly due to a high-performance building envelope, the average heat demand per residential unit is limited to 15KWh/m², up to 4 times below the current building standard. The roofs also function as insulated fifth facades. All homes are equipped with the most optimal mechanical ventilation system on the market, with low-temperature heating and the most efficient heat recovery system.

In orienting the living spaces, both daylight entry and heat gain through solar irradiation have been taken into account. Bright spaces where the heating can be lowered by a few degrees. In addition, terrace rooms or balconies form a significant increase in usable living space, according to the Bigger & Cheaper principle. This additional shading buffer does not interfere with the incidence of light.

In addition, solar panels on roofs and in façades provide electricity production and the heating of domestic hot water, among other things.

Own heat network

Nieuw Zuid will have its own heat network, flexible and therefore adaptive. Every building will be heated using renewable energy with a dual heating system. This system avoids the storage of domestic hot water and replaces conventional individual boilers. An affordable heating solution that drastically reduces energy consumption.


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