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Park Shed North WDT

Location Antwerp, Belgium
Timeline 2007 - 2011

engineering of the renovation and conversion of hangars to an events hall


Central to the vibrant Park Spoor Noord are these renovated train repair hangars, which have been transformed into an event hall and offices. An extension with a neighbourhood sports hall is noticeable by a Kalwall roof, which spreads abundant diffused daylight in the sports hall. Other efficient, low-tech applications include solar boilers and rainwater recovery. For all the interventions, the design team strongly took into account the existing individuality of the buildings.

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  • AG ANN
  • Verdickt & Verdickt Architecten
12785 m²


Using this low-tech but practical approach, the characteristics of the original structures were optimally preserved.

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These former hangars have been conversed to a multi-functional events hall with sports accommodations. They form the crown on a redevelopment of Antwerp Dam, before a stigmatised district of the city. The hangars are located in the Park Railway North, the spearhead of this urban transformation, and since then also a social hotspot in the city. The conversion was organised through a competition by the Flemish Government Architect, also attracting international architects. However, the sustainable and modern approach by Verdickt & Verdickt made it. The concept uses the inherent qualities of the old buildings; inside, the interventions have been limited to a minimum.

The old train repair hangars contain offices, an events hall, catering facilities and a local sports hall. In addition, the hangars were expanded with a new sports hall, attracting attention because of the Kalwall roof and facade coating. These sandwich panels, consisting of special fiber glass sheets, ensure a diffuse spreading of daylight. As a result, artificial lighting is unnecessary during the day, while most sports centers are devoid of daylight. Also, the panels have a very high degree of insulation. Other sustainable measures departed from the typologie of the building: sports infrastructure notoriously uses a lot of water. As such, the sports halls have been equipped with solar boilers for a higher return. In addition, rainwater is being recuperated. Using this low-tech but practical approach, the characteristics of the original structures were optimally preserved.

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