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Psychiatric Center Ariadne, Vicero

Location Lede, Belgium
Timeline 2013 - 2019

new department for crisis care and intensive short-term treatment, and for adults with alcohol and/or medication dependence


The ultimate goal of this admission unit is to allow the patient to return to society. With an average stay of 45 days, the design offers a lot of space and light. Both the closed and open departments focus fully on the natural environment of this hospital in a park.

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  • Brothers of Charity
  • VK
5700 m²
62 beds


The design is aimed at restorative psychiatry: the ultimate goal is the reintegration of the patients into society.

Mental lede ariadne vicero 3 web

The Ariadne psychiatric centre features a pleasant park, previously completely surrounded by buildings. A large part of these buildings, obsolete and empty, will be replaced by separate pavilions, based on a master plan from 2000 and designed by VK. As a result, the park will be unlocked to the maximum, and the garden landscape will be extended to the street. The end result should be a hospital in the middle of a park, called "Green living".

The Vicero pavilion is the 5th and penultimate project of this master plan. The light-rich and spacious building anticipates an average stay of 45 days. The design is aimed at restorative psychiatry: the ultimate goal is the reintegration of the patients into society. The pavilion offers 60 rooms over 2 admission departments, in addition to therapy rooms, small-scale living spaces, offices, kitchenettes and service rooms.

Vicero 1 is a closed admissions department (32 beds) for crisis care and intensive short-term treatment for adults with acute and severe psychiatric problems, also with a few beds for low care forensic problems.

This department houses 3 entities, from closed and half-closed to open. Each entity is organised around a central interior street with communal services. The living areas offer direct access to closed courtyards. The isolation block has a direct access at the back, for patients arriving by ambulance.

Vicero 2 (30 beds) coaches and treats adults with alcohol and/or medication dependence. This building is more open and promotes contact with the natural environment.

Technical efforts have been made to reduce energy consumption by optimising the building envelope, reducing distribution losses, the possibility of natural cooling and a technical management system.

Special attention was paid to outdoor lighting, as the compulsory work of art for public assignments. Artist Elise Eeraerts created an integrated lighting system that at the same time makes a clear mark on the campus.

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