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RADar learning and innovation center

Location Roeselare, Belgium
Timeline 2016 - 2018

a center for knowledge sharing on a hospital campus


The logistics block of AZ Delta is crowned with this golden learning and innovation centre. Connected to the hospital by a footbridge, this beacon provides knowledge sharing for the wider region. In addition to an auditorium for 300 people, the centre has IT training rooms, a surgery practice room and a skills lab. Parametric design was used to determine the ideal composition of the auditorium walls for optimal acoustic comfort.

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This beacon of knowledge opens fully towards the hospital with its north and west facades.

Education roeselare radar 4

The Learning and Innovation Center was designed as a beacon of knowledge on the new campus of Delta General Hospital. It sits on top of the logistical block, as a separate volume, clearly visible and with its individual visual presence. The center houses an auditorium with 300 seats and various rooms for knowledge sharing and training, including a practice room for surgery, IT training rooms and a simulation center for the nursing staff. The center also includes a board room and video-conferencing room.

A monumental staircase and lift block offer excellent accessibility from the car park. The public corridor on the third floor is extended into a footbridge, connecting with the hospital functionally, visually and instinctively. The light coloured façade cladding in anodised aluminium contrasts with the dark logistical block. This beacon of knowledge opens fully towards the hospital with its north and west facades. The east and south facades, facing the nearby E403-motorway, suggest a more introvert and abstract quality due to the small-scale window partitioning.

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