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Regional Hospital Heilig Hart

Location Tienen, Belgium
Timeline 2020 - 2027

new regional hospital


A new regional hospital combines two outdated campuses in Tienen. Surrounded by urban farmlands and meadows, this health centre anchors itself in the community with a number of public functions in the pedestal. The design uses the layers method and connects the various components by means of a verdant atrium.

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  • RZ Heilig Hart
  • VK
351 beds


The hospital's design rests on five touchstones, which are linked to the general mission and vision of RH Heilig Hart.

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The RH Heilig Hart Tienen wants to combine the two outdated campuses Mariëndal and St.-Jan in an innovative and sustainable new construction project. The hospital's design rests on five touchstones. These are linked to the general mission and vision of RZ H. Hart Tienen: efficiency, flexibility, experience, sustainability and innovation.

Layers in a reduced footprint

This flexible health centre was designed with the layers method, dividing the hospital into a hotfloor (medical services), a hotel (nursing units), an office (consultations and administration) and a factory (lab, pharmacy, kitchen, central sterilisation department...). A central verdant atrium contains the reception, waiting areas, meeting and co-working areas and connects the various building components. It also separates the hotel from the hot floor. The ground level contains, besides the hospital reception, some public functions including a restaurant, nursery and home care shop.

With seven storeys, the hospital's footprint is reduced and efficient circulation ensured.

A pronounced facade and green landscape

The pronounced facade is a continuous band of vertical slats to ensure unity and legibility. It was designed following the principles of "evidence-based", "performance-based" and "parametric" design.

A 5.5-hectare site includes the redevelopment of urban farmland, the creation of meadows, a new orchard and forest, interwoven with footpaths and cycle paths. Organic flows for pedestrians and cyclists run through the site and anchor the hospital in the urban fabric.

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