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Sint-Jan General Hospital Bruges

Location Bruges, Belgium
Timeline 2003 - 2011

renovation and extension general hospital


Since 2003 the Sint-Jan Bruges-Ostend General Hospital has been working closely with VK's designers within the framework of a comprehensive master plan. After the renovation of the nursing units and the expansion of the medical-technical block with 6 floors, the OR was extended with 3 state-of-the-art operating theatres. There is also a new neonatology, a GP post and the facade of the circulation block was also addressed after an energy simulation.

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  • AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV
  • VK
30000 m²


The renovations create new insights into space, comfort and implementation.

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A few years ago, the AZ Sint-Jan started on a total renovation of their hospital, divided into several projects. VK will be taking on a number of these renovation projects. The renovation of the patients’ sleeping quarters is in full swing.VK already completed a number of wards and has also designed test rooms, which are models for the remaining wards. The maternity ward was given larger rooms, with modern and homelike furniture and furnishings. The renovation of the sterile care unit provides a minimum increase in beds, but higher bed occupancy in the single rooms through the protective environment. Using pressurised airlocks and anterooms, a hygienic and bacteria poor environment is maintained.

Part of the biomedical engineering unit was expanded with 6 floors, and will be used as a buffer during the upcoming renovation of the medical engineering unit and the patients’ sleeping quarters. Simultaneously, the existing curtain wall of the circulation area was replaced by a high-performance glass façade. The inside of the circulatory block was also undertaken, with new furnishings for the entrance area. VK also conducted a feasibility study in connection with the energy performance of the southern façade of the patients’ sleeping quarters, and the consequences for the comfort of patients.

The renovations create new insights into space, comfort and implementation. VK seizes this opportunity to subject the future of the hospital to a thorough analysis together with the management.

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