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Sports and Recreation Pool De Kouter

Location Poperinge, Belgium
Timeline 2013 - 2016

engineering of a energy-friendly swimming pool


This new swimming pool should become a regional attraction, across the French border, with a wellness area, sauna and a 58-metre slide. For sustainable engineering, VK followed the VIBE regulations. The ceiling structure not only ensures optimum airtightness, but also increases acoustic comfort. As a result of all kinds of interventions, the operating costs of this climate pool are almost half of those of a standard pool.

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  • Town of Poperinge
  • LD-architecten
2500 m²


Compared to a standard swimming pool, exploitation costs were halved.

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The energy-friendly swimming pool of Poperinge is an ambitious project, the new place to be in the region. The local authority resolutely opted for a project that will lend the townscape a new iconic image. The architecture with strong lines and long windows provides a dynamic presence. The integration within the street scenery creates an inviting gesture towards the surroundings. The south façade is completely transparent, enhancing the connection between inside and outside. Solar protection limits reflections on the water surface.

Much attention was paid to the sustainable and energy-friendly aspects of the building. Globally, some 50 different certificates and analysis methods exist regarding sustainable construction. VK focused on the VIBE-directions, combining active and passive measures.

On the north façade, the swimming pool is quite closed to avoid unnecessary energy losses. Only the entrance is clearly accentuated as a transparent volume. The overall airtightness of the building is optimal, through a combination of windproof concrete, rockwool and cellular glass. The roof, with laminated wooden trusses spanning 21 and 24 metres, is covered with woodwool cement sheets. All of these materials vapour, shrink, chlorine and water resistant in a humid environment with a fair difference in temperature compared to the outside environment. Moreover, they considerably enhance the acoustical comfort inside the swimming pool and for the neighbourhood.

Low temperature heating is combined with heat exchange. Also, energy from the warm swimming pool air is recovered to preheat the suppletion water.

In designing this swimming pool, exploitation costs were taken into account. Apparent additional costs were immediately planned, as simulations demonstrated that they would be recovered in a very short amount of time. Compared to a standard swimming pool, exploitation costs were halved.

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