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Het Polderhuis senior apartments

Location Lokeren, Belgium
Timeline 2014 - 2018

design and realisation of new retirements flats


46 senior apartments complete the care offer of Ter Durme care campus. This new wing connects seamlessly to the existing, recently renovated residential care centre. Bends and differences in the building's height introduce a playful variation, while the spacious terraces provide a tight façade rhythm. In the interior, sustainable natural materials were used, for a warm and homely touch.

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  • Public Social Welfare Center Lokeren


The flats have a minimum depth and maximum width alongside the facade, increasing the experience for the inhabitants.

Senior lokeren polderhuis 6 web

48 senior apartments were realised on a triangular terrain, already housing the recently renovated senior home. The new building links to the nursing home, combining them into a V-shape. The specific location leaves enough green outdoor space at the disposal of the inhabitants and the community. Certain interventions in the volume of the flats also ensure an optimal integration with the surroundings.

For example, the building is split into three parts, bending, lifting, spreading, raising or lowering the individual parts. This creates an interesting diversity in the design, as well as interesting outdoor spaces and perspectives. The bends in the volume and the variation in building height from 3 to 5 layers also enhance a small-scale impression and fit within the varied street scene. Open spaces as a result from these interventions heighten the experience of the concept.

Public functions are installed in the plinth, which also contains 2 entrances for the inhabitants. A passage makes the enclosed outdoor space easily accessible from the street. A forecourt extends the invitation up to the street.

The facades show continuing terraces, offering light and interaction. At the same time, sliding panels provide some degree of privacy and shadow for the inhabitants. Inside, the design shows neutral and flexible private rooms, facilitating custom-made living and caring. Natural and warm materials enhance a homelike feeling. Opting for standardised and identical living spaces enables the use of valuable and sustainable materials.

The flats have a minimum depth and maximum width alongside the facade, increasing the experience for the inhabitants.

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