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University Hospital Brussels

Location Brussels, Belgium
Timeline 2009 - 2026

spatial planning and reconditioning of a university hospital


Brussels University Hospital has a number of problems that hinder the organisation. Lack of space, fragmented services, and circulation and parking problems are no strangers to a hospital that has been running for 30 years already. Through a design competition, VK was appointed by the management to create a spatial plan, which outlines the care and development strategy for the next 10 years.

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  • UZ Brussel
  • VK


The spatial plan, a living document, shows an acute need for expansion and reorganisation for most medical services.

The spatial plan, a living document, shows an acute need for expansion and reorganisation for most medical services, and optimisation of the interaction between these services, such as the biomedical engineering unit, the outpatient clinic, and emergency centre and research centres. The logistics and visitor circuits must urgently be reorganised, and the various circulation routes separated. Furthermore, the research centres will be expanded to form clear entities within a coherent whole. All this without disrupting daily activities and with a minimum investment in temporary housing.

Per sub-project, the approach and timing is worked out in detail via scheduling meetings. Along with examining the structural possibilities and technological developments, this will result in design plans, arrow diagrams between services and detailed design briefs for each service. After an estimate of the number of m² and rooms per service, a relational diagram can be made. In this way, correct and detailed information is translated into architectural plans, including the proposed budgets and phasing.

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