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University Psychiatric Center KU Leuven

Location Leuven, Belgium
Timeline 2010 - 2015

sustainable engineering of a new university psychiatric centre


This new psychiatric care centre designed by Stéphane Beel Architecten houses adults and elderly people who are hospitalized by day or night. The building has 5 floors arranged around a central winter garden. An integral design approach has made it possible to integrate technical and sustainable solutions in a transparent manner.

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  • Leuven University Hospitals
  • Stephane Beel Architecten
90 beds
9374 m²


An integrated design approach enabled for VK's sustainable and technical solutions to be integrated seamlessly.

This psychiatric patient center for adults and elderly people consists of 90 hospitalisation beds (day and night), an ambulant center with day hospital for 25 additional patients, with the related consultation, therapy and conversation spaces, and with the administration. Part of the patient rooms are equipped with medical gas fittings. The building has 5 layers, enclosing a central winter garden, as an additional protected living space for the patients. An integrated design approach enabled for VK's sustainable and technical solutions to be integrated seamlessly.

A motorised glazed roof covering the winter garden during the winter months creates a thermal buffer between the indoors and the outdoors. During summer, temperature rises in the winter garden can be regulated, with a maximum rise of 3°C on top of the outdoor temperature, by completely opening the roof and through automated solar protection.

A well thought-out thermal insulation of the building envelope results in a building with excellent airtightness, while dynamic outdoor solar protection strongly reduces the cooling charges inside the building. The central air groups are equipped with a heat exchanger. Heating and cooling are delivered by the central energy plant of the Gasthuisberg-site.

Energy consumption for electricity is further reduced by energy efficient lighting.

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