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Location Waregem, Belgium
Timeline 2018 - 2022

new mixed-use project with offices, residential towers and a hotel


With the Waterfront mixed-use project, the skyline of Waregem has been given a striking addition. VK's structural engineers delivered a strong structural design for the distinctive cantilevers. The hotel within the same assignment is distinguished by its round shape. Architectural concrete predominates in the finish.

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  • ION
  • Steenoven
  • Alheembouw
  • B2AI
  • Wielfaert Architecten
21500 m²
120 apartments
72 rooms


The new silhouettes in the Waregem skyline are characterised by the cantilevered structure.

Visual mixed waregem waterfront web Visual 1

Waterfront, in the shadow of Waregem's Rainbow Stadium, is a mixed-use project where living, working and leisure come together. The first phase consists of an office complex of 3,250 m². In the second phase, two residential towers, Ascot and Windsor, will be built. In the same phase, the so-called Parkhotel will also be realised. A courtyard with a reflecting pond and plants connects the residential towers and the Parkhotel.

Structural flexibility

The office will be delivered soon. For the sake of maximum flexibility, the structural design consists of a slender concrete column structure with concrete flat slab (mushroom) floors. The building was finished with a shell of architectural concrete.

Both residential towers have 13 storeys and reach a height of 45 meters. The new silhouettes in the Waregem skyline are characterised by the cantilevered structure. This is realized by a central load-bearing wall and a Y-structure in the facade.

The hotel is characterized by its oval shape, realized with a prefabricated column structure. The Parkhotel should be ready in 2021, the residential towers a year later. Architectural concrete predominates in the finish.

Separating BIM models

Waterfront is a prime example of how architects, structural and M&E engineers bring out the best in each other, partly due to a thorough BIM process.

In a standard BIM process, all parties work within the same environment. In this way, the coordination of changes and the detection of deviations is much quicker and easier. For Waterfront, however, the choice was made for the separation into an architectural model, a structural model and a technical model.

After the preliminary design, VK Architects & Engineers first drew up a structural model. Subsequently, architect B2Ai developed a model on that structural model. Finally, a 'layer of techniques' was added. This way of working is often used in the United Kingdom, and is sometimes referred to as 'small BIM', because the individual parties initially do not work in an interdisciplinary manner.

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