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Public welfare centre Leuven offers personalized care

On February 7th, the Public Welfare Center of the town of Leuven opened the new wing of its nursing home Edouard Remy. It centralizes various services to offer an optimal continuity of care. In addition, the open architecture stimulates interaction between the inhabitants and the passers-by in the bustling university town. VK Architects & Engineers and ba-p designed the new nursing home and followed up the construction.

In the centre of Leuven, the nursing home Edouard Remy is one of the care campuses of the Public Welfare Center of Leuven, offering space to 289 inhabitants. In the Andreas Vesaliusstreet, Jo Vandeurzen, Flemish Minister of Wellbeing, Public Health and Family officially opened the newest wing of the nursing home in early February. 90 inhabitants moved into brand new accommodations.

Besides the home, the wing also includes a center for short stay and the Home Care-service of the Public Welfare Center. As such, senior citizens receive personalized care with an optimal continuity. Later this year, a central intake-cell will be introduced in the nursing home, in order to further improve care guidance.

In addition, the architectural design by VK and ba-p stimulates the integration with the surrounding street life. The new wing consists of 2 volumes that slightly slide apart. This creates a public square with a bus stop in front of the nursing home. Visually as well, a clear connection is created between the inhabitants and the surrounding urban fabric. The transparency of the ground floor has been maximized, and the living rooms on the upper floors offer lovely views on Leuven via large windows.

Integration is further enhanced with the demolition of the old building block in the adjacent Frederik Lintstreet. This opens up a green area for the neighbourhood. The entire project will be ready by the end of the year.