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Senior apartments in Lokeren play with space

Everywhere in Flanders, senior apartments are rising from the ground. Also in Lokeren, where VK Architects & Engineers won a design competition for 48 senior apartments in 2013, for the Public Social Welfare Centre. Today, the ongoing construction already shows how the design will complement the care campus in a playful and well thought-out way.

The volume stands at an angle with the existing nursing home – together, they shape into a “V”. This orientation creates a link with the nursing home and establishes a joint garden. At the same time, the volume interacts with the street, where the variation in the building’s height and bends in the facade make for an interesting experience. Facade spanning terraces and maximum glazing offer the seniors much light and views. The resident can also shield himself from the street or the sun with sliding blinds. This also allows the resident to intervene on his own facade, making it a dynamic presence in the street.

VK Architects & Engineers won in 2013 with sobre, timeless architecture, based on a future-proof vision. Because the building is also designed for the people in their fifties to early seventies of today and tomorrow. Also forward-looking are the low-tech but energy-friendly measures, like an optimal building insulation.

Work on site started in June 2015. With a quick construction phase, partly thanks to a skeleton structure with flat slabs and columns, occupation of the building is due in the spring of 2017.