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Energy Reporting

Measurement is the key to knowledge. That is certainly the case when it comes to the energy consumption of buildings. VK Architects & Engineers offer energy reporting for various purposes and using various methods.

For existing buildings, VK does an audit. By measuring exact consumption data, the current situation can be recorded. Usage data is determined by means of on-site measurements, the analysis of existing energy invoices and possibly the monitoring of buildings. A digital model is also created to provide a dynamic simulation of possible alternation measures in the building. This simulation model is calibrated using the consumption data gathered for the existing building. On that basis, various measures can be analysed and proposed to adjust energy consumption if so required.

For concepts, the energy consumption is estimated on the basis of various calculations. VK uses a range of models, according to the client’s wishes: EPB, PHPP, dynamic simulations etc. The final result of the study is a technical economic analysis. This provides the contractor with a clear picture of possible measures, alternatives and economic impact. This enables the contractor to make well-founded choices.

VK is an accredited professional for BREEAM and a member of the Brussels Institute of Environmental Management, the Flemish Energy Agency, the Walloon Department of Energy, the Passive House Platform, the Scientific and Technical Centre for the Building Industry, the US Green Building Council and the International Building Performance Simulation Association.