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Facade Engineering

VK provides facade consulting services to assist building owners, project developers, architects and contractors from design through construction completion on all types of façade systems. Our aim is to deliver innovative and integrated solutions, based on broad academic and practical knowledge of advanced facade technology and the current facade contractors industry. Our solutions are fully integrated into the whole building energy concept in order to achieve sustainable buildings in close collaboration with our clients. Our integrated approach incorporating all VK engineering disciplines (MEP, Structural, Acoustical, Fire Safety,…) results in a ‘High Performance / Low Impact’ project with higher benefit to client and building occupants.

Our engineers apply ‘performance based’ façade engineering techniques meeting quantitative performance criteria: NZEB, ZEB, Passive, Energy-Plus,  BREEAM certification.


  • design brief for building envelope / façade;
  • facade thermal, solar and condensation risk assessments: U-value, g-value, daylight, thermal bridges in respect with all national and international standards;
  • integration of facade design in building concept – building energy performance concept;
  • comparative building energy model studies;
  • dynamic simulation of heating & cooling loads;
  • conceptual and detailed design of sustainable building solutions fully integrated with advanced facade technologies to optimize the comfort & energy performances, by using advanced zone models and computational fluid dynamics (C.F.D.);
  • solar shading analysis;
  • dynamic simulation of indoor thermal comfort;
  • daylight analysis;
  • integration of BIPV & other renewable energy systems / solar shading / operable windows / architectural lighting / switchable glazing systems / other innovative solutions…;
  • perform life cycle analysis;
  • providing carbon footprint optimization analysis to obtain low carbon design;
  • detailed (transient, 3D, …) solar and thermal analysis of the envelope using finite element analyses techniques (F.E.A.);
  • support to our clients throughout all project phases: from the design process up to the occupancy phase (eg. commissioning and monitoring).

Cost to performance optimization

Due to more stringent building energy regulations, the need to develop intelligent facades is increasing. Facade cladding can represent 20% of construction costs on new projects, and this portion will still increase due to the evolution towards intelligent facades integrated in the whole building energy concept. Engaging VK Facade Engineering during the early stage design increases your success in achieving design, budget, and performance targets without sacrificing architectural quality.