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Landscape Design

VK Architects & Engineers has a team of passionate landscape architects and engineeers for landscape design and public spaces. VK designs both independent public spaces and surrounding areas for building projects. Accessibility, aesthetics and quality of life are our priorities.

Therefore our designers promote an integral approach, studying as much as possible of the wider context: mobility, participation, quality of life, safety, sustainability, ecology etc. This dynamic approach makes every project a fully-fledged design task rather than a purely technical affair. Thus the landscape and public space form a single whole with the architectural and technical design.

The visual quality of a public or semi-public space is highly dependent on its physical landscaping. The final design choices are determined by a complex interplay of factors: spatial interventions, lifestyles, mentalities, cultural values etc. Our designers also work on various aspects of a project: they study strategic interventions in the short term, but also provide long-term tools. For social and spatial integration of this kind, VK attaches great importance to prior research, participation and information sessions. This turns the public space into a shared space as well. Our designers’ and engineers’ experience here covers a broad range of projects: from village centre renewals to pocket parks and public squares to mobility projects.

Neither do buildings stand alone: a building’s surroundings are an important extension to it. Depending on the function of the project and the client, architect or end user’s wishes, the landscape can also function as a gradual transition into the environment. Or, alternatively, it can clearly set the project apart, or combine a mixture of the two. Our designers apply their knowhow to various types of building, from care environments and schools to business and logistical environments. They also have experience with a range of contexts here, from built-up urban areas to open, rural terrain.

VK is a member of the Order of Consultant Engineers, the Royal Flemish Chamber of Engineers, the Scientific and Technical Centre for the Building Industry and the Urban Land Institute.