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Master Planning

Within the social, governmental and political debate on spatial planning, master plans have an important function. Their position between projects and the broader spatial policy plans allows them to combine important characteristics of the higher level (structural plans, mobility plans etc.) and the lower one (projects and potentially local land-use plans as well).

VK Architects & Engineers support boards and organisations in long-term development projects by designing a spatial framework for its future manifestations. This may be done in the form of separate sub-projects with a view to the spatial coherence of the overall plan. Organisations are not fixed entities, but constantly evolving. New targets or strategic choices often entail new needs in terms of land use. As a master planner, VK aims to understand these needs completely in order to arrive at a shared, guiding vision for more concrete and future-oriented results.

The strategic planning of a board or organisation anticipates on the basis of evolving premises. This makes it a ‘living document’ whose patterns are constantly changing. For this reason, we must begin by setting a planning horizon within which growth and extension can be mapped out.

On the basis of strategic planning and the possibilities on site, our urban planners and architects then develop a global, long-term vision for an area or neighbourhood. VK’s aim here is not particularly to confirm a planned or desired end result. It is rather a case of raising and stimulating all kinds of questions. Needs, problems, advantages and opportunities are all mapped out. Various scenarios are proposed with pros and contras.

These basic sketches establish the main outlines for further development and detailed elaboration through programming or design. As a master planner, therefore, VK does not just investigate a planning result, but also certain principles of development and strategies. This process typically begins as a cycle of questions and answers until a number of crucial decisions lead to a subsequent, linear process.

In Healthcare, our urban planners and architects support various care organisations with the master planning of care campuses. A structured, in-depth analysis precedes the ultimate renovation, infill, extension or replacement projects.

In Industry, VK develops master plans for large mixed-use sites, with a combination of logistics, distribution, retail, tertiary services and the accompanying infrastructure. This type of mixed use requires thorough auditing so that the whole becomes more than just the sum of its parts.