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Parametric Design

VK’s designers aim to optimise certain design goals against a set of design constraints. A successful end result requires that many decisions are taken for various parameters. Taking these decisions early on in the design process is unquestionably beneficial on all fronts and for all parties concerned.

It is well known that the more the designer knows at the start of a project, the better the end result will be. Likewise, the cost of changing the design in a later stage is much higher than in the beginning.

Parametric design offers an adaptable design approach. Using simulation as a design tool, parametric modelling handles a building’s geometry in a flexible way.

With this geometric flexibility, our parametric experts can easily adapt the various parameters early on in the design process, to test how the design performs under varying circumstances.

As such, many different design models can be tested and reviewed fairly easily throughout the design process. Depending on the questions that need answering, our parametric designers can apply various simulations to the design, from energy, comfort and building impact, to daylight, structures, wind and acoustics. The valuable information that results from parametric modelling enables the other design partners, client or end-user to make substantiated and cost-effective decisions.

VK offers parametric design solutions in various project stages. Needless to say that, the earlier our parametric designers are involved, the better for the end result.