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Town office Deinze has an opening party

In the weekend of May 21st and 22nd, the brand new Deinze town hall, called Leiespiegel after the river Leie that streams nearby and designed by Tony Fretton Architects, was inaugurated in a very festive way. VK Architects & Engineers designed the entire engineering of the building, including sustainable design, breeam assessment and energy reporting.

Besides the official ceremony with dignitaries, many activities were organised for young and old. Performances, catering, animation, concerts and fireworks put the new public plaza before the town office to good use. The new building offers room for 100 civil servants, as well as housing the new council room.

The project fulfills an exemplary function with regard to passive energy, with optimal insulation of the building envelope and optimisation of daylight. In the integrated design, the characteristic loggias act as a second, protective skin of the building. The shaded porticos avoid overheating the interior, and as such are deeper on the south side than they are on the north side.