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VK designs expressive extension for Heilige Familie Rumst GH

The general hospital Heilige Familie in Rumst at the end of 2016 organised an architectural competition for a campus extension. A new main entrance and Grand Café are to give the hospital a new look. An endoscopy unit and day hospital for internal medicine are also added. VK distinguished itself with flying colours from the other applicants with architecture that invites, connects and heals.

The white volume is situated along the most used access route and on the entrance plaza, giving the hospital a new expression. It counts 3 floors, retreating from top to bottom. The ground floor houses the main entrance and a sitting area, the first floor houses the Grand Café and the second floor consists of the endoscopy and day hospital.

Nature, light and air

As the architecture retreats on the levels of the main entrance and Grand Café, the plaza offers more space and nature can penetrate into the building. Completely transparent facades diffuse the boundary with the outdoors diffuses even more, and introduce an abundance of daylight. Voids also introduce daylight in the centre of the floors, besides creating a visual connection between the main entrance and the Grand Café above. This literally highlights the registration area, located centrally under a void.

From the first floor, the Grand Café fully enjoys the green surroundings. Here, nature also penetrates into the volume by means of recesses.

Security in all openness

The second floor is more privative due to the medical functions. But even so, VK also introduces daylight and nature in the waiting areas and day clinic through a roof garden and voids. The cantilever of the more massive upper floor offers the main entrance and Grand Café a sense of security, while also functioning as a solar protection.

In integrating the assets present on site (nature, light, space) into the design, VK fully went for a healing environment.

The completion of the extension is planned for mid 2019.