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VK – POLO Architects – ECOREM are developing the master plans for Vietnamese University care campuses


To support the Vietnamese Ministry of Health achieve universal health coverage (UHC) and progress toward meeting health-related sustainable development goals (SDGs), the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB’s) Health Human Resources Sector Development Program – phase 2, provides technical assistance focusing on ensuring the steady supply of competent and qualified health workers.

Central to this programme is the support for the delivery of second facilities for the two premier medical universities – Hanoi Medical University in the north of Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the south of Vietnam.

These two long-established Universities have outgrown their inner-city premises, and are now both looking to create new campuses on out-of-town sites where they have the opportunity to provide world-class education facilities, and the space to develop in the future a wide range of health related facilities that would make them into international standard life-sciences parks. The ADB’s programme will support the Ministry of Health and the two Universities develop the masterplans and the designs for the first facilities for the two new campuses.

VK Architects & Engineers – POLO Architects – ECOREM, the winning combination

To bid for this work VK put together an exemplary team – VK Architects and Engineers and POLO Architects providing the masterplanning, education and healthcare design expertise, with mentoring support from KV Leuven and Leuven University Hospital experts, and with ECOREM as the environmental expert, this Belgium team being backed in-country by VK Vietnam and ECOREM -AIE Vietnam. Together this team has all the right experience and expertise – and in February the ADB confirmed the VK team’s appointment.

Rapid deployment

Its ambitions are far from modest. Our experts will develop a master plan for the two campuses within a time frame of just three months. This is a tour de force that demands the perfectly complementary expertise of all the partners. The team leader VK has been working for the Ministry of Health for some years, in particular it’s Belgium and Vietnamese companies delivering designs for the second facilities for the famous Bach Mai and Viet Duc Hospitals, POLO Architects is familiar with the Vietnamese context and has made master planning recommendations in the past for local university authorities, while ECOREM and its local partner are experienced in delivering in their specialism in Vietnam.

Smart campus

The assignment will begin directly after the Vietnamese New Year (Tet), and is intended to result in a master plan by the end of May. VK-POLO Architects-ECOREM is strongly committed to the idea of a “smart health campus”, derived from the Smart City concept, which guarantees good connections with its surroundings in both the virtual and physical sense. To achieve this, all the necessary data will first be collected for a pre-feasibility study, followed by a final conceptual design for a constructible, digital state-of-the-art health campus.

Urban planning, education and health care will ultimately be united at two brand new campuses in Vietnam’s largest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In this way, Belgium will support the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and contribute to the further development and increased professionalism of health care education in Vietnam.