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Covid19 vk teleworking social

Stay safe!


With #COVID19 drastically changing our way of life and of working, the workforce of VK Architects & Engineers also adapts. Putting available information technology to optimal use, each according to his or her individual circumstances, colleagues explore and find new ways to #collaborate, and to reach out to clients and partners. In all #safety for themselves and others, out of #respect for the people on the frontline - those who are taking care of us and who provide us with all essential goods and services.

Because even as this crisis rages across the globe, that globe keeps turning. The need for #healthcare facilities is more acute than ever, and at some point schools, places of work, leisure etc. will again have a place in our daily lives. Not to speak of our homes, which at the moment are all of these places at once. So VK keeps at it, designing and creating places to heal, live, work, meet and have fun. #Staysafe!

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